Qualifications for a Polygraph Examiner

When considering hiring a polygraph examiner the public should know the qualification of an examiner before they make a decision on who to hire.

Federal, State, and local Law Enforcement Agencies, the Department of Defense, recognize only two polygraph organizations whose members meet professional standards to qualify them to administer polygraph examinations.

These are the American Polygraph Association, and the American Association of Police Polygraphist.

Both of these organizations require an examiner to have graduated from a polygraph school that is licensed and/or recognized and approved by the appropriate State, County, and/or Municipal Licensing and/or accrediting authority. The requirements for those licenses and accreditation's require a minimum of 320 hours of in attendance contact classroom hours of instruction. These are the same standards set by ASTM (American Society for Testing Materials) Designation: E 2000-05 Minimum Basic Education and Training of Individuals Involved in the Detection of Deception (PDD).

This organization allows anyone to join the society whether or not they have graduated from an licensed and/or accredited polygraph school, so membership in this organization alone does not mean an individual has met the training requirements. Once accepted into either of these polygraph associations its members are required to maintain their skills by attending on site advanced training seminars, and those examiners who maintain their educational standards, 30 hours every three years, are awarded Advanced & Specialized Training Certificates.

It is important for every consumer to make an informed decision when deciding on an examiner, and the below check list will help someone to make that decision.

1. Graduated from an in attendance state licensed polygraph school
2. Have a license, if so required by the state and/or local municipality
3. Be a member of either the American Polygraph Association, and/or American Association of Police Polygraphist
4. Have a current Advanced Training Certificate from any of the above listed associations
5. If a member of ASTM, determine if they meet the qualifications as set forth in those standards to qualify for being a graduate of a licensed in classroom attendance Polygraph School

If Applied Polygraph Science, Inc. is unable to meet a client’s needs it is Applied Science Polygraph’s policy to recommend other examiners who meet the qualifications as stated above.

A copy of the above standards may be supplied upon request

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